On the occasion upcoming World Oral Health Day (20.03) we would like to inform and remind every patient about few important information.

The oral cavity is the first part of the gastrointestinal tract. The condition of this area and its organs have an influence on the condition of further parts of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the whole body. Teeth loss results from untreated or poorly treated decay, gum and periodontium diseases and teeth and facial skeleton bones injuries.

We encourage you to do a checkup, consultation, prophylaxis and treatment if needed. Let’s remember that tooth decay is a bacterial disease. Untreated leads to an irreversible condition of loss of own teeth. The oral cavity is an area of various pathological changes, a precancerous condition of the benign and malignant tumour.

Every change on mucous membrane, gum, tongue, lips which has not healed up to 2 weeks requires urgent histopathological examination.

We invite you to our offices for FREE dental and surgical consultations that will be held tomorrow from 9.00 to 11.00 am.

Every patient will receive from us a gift with oral hygiene items.


Since it is Women’s Day, we would like to send our greetings to all present and future patients – we wish you smile, cheerfulness, fulfilling your dreams. Best regards from PHCI Dawiec Dentistry team.


Today we celebrate International Dentist Day. On that occasion, we would like to send our best greetings to all dentists, especially to our whole PHCI Dawiec Dentistry team. May a wide, sincere and healthy smile always be on our patients’ faces.


In recent days we discussed the topic of cooperation with four-star Hotel Seven which is located only 110 meters from our dental offices. Soon we will present the effects of our united settlements.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit the website and get to know our Partners’ offer. More at:


FEBRUARY is the month of consultation about masticatory apparatus dysfunction.

Since the beginning of the new month, we are introducing a new consultation offer and combined surgical-orthodontic-prosthetic treatment offer for patients with stomatognathic system dysfunctions. We are inviting so-called bruxist, so those of you who have a tendency to grind teeth or have excessive characteristic and pathological teeth abrasion.

In addition, we are encouraging people who have problems with the maximum range of mouth opening, deviation of the jaw to one side, acoustic disturbances in the area of temporomandibular joints, as well as pain in the area of the face and cervical spine to come for a consultation with specialists at our offices.

We will provide you with more information on the phone: 605 236 119 and 693 777 174.


We are inviting you for efficient orthodontic treatment at our offices.

We provide teeth removal according to orthodontic advice combined with permanent braces instalment during one visit. Comprehensive treatment is carried out by specialists in the area of dental surgery and orthodontics.

You can find more information on our Facebook page and by calling us. Talk to you soon.


We welcome our patients in the New Year.

In our offices January is the month dedicated to HYGIENIZATION, that is why we sincerely encourage everyone to take us on our offer of oral diseases prophylaxis.

– In our offices, the hygienization includes: the instruction of teeth cleaning techniques, discussion about recommended kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes and other hygiene articles

– First and foremost, hygenisation is calculus removal treatments – both supragingival and subgingival, teeth sandblasting and polishing, fluoridation

– All procedures are carried out by a dentist and a certified dental hygienist.

We encourage you to make an appointment.


Starting December we are adding DIETETIC CONSULTATION to our services.

More and more often taking care of patient’s dental health requires consultations and diet plan created by a specialist dietician in order to supplement the deficiencies in components in teeth, gums, mucous membrane or tongue structure. We are meeting these challenges – as one of the first and few in Poland, we are adding the possibility of multi-specialized dental treatment combined with dietetics into the range of our services.

Dietetics consultation in our facility includes:

– the analysis of current eating habits

– the analysis of body composition (body weight, percentage of fat content, muscle mass, metabolic age)

– creating a diet plan that is individually adjusted to body needs in every age, including diseases

– effects monitoring