Range of services

We offer a wide range of services and treatments in the field of:

  • dietetics – in multi-specialized dental treatment, in treating patients with systemic diseases, after radiotherapy of the neck and head area
  • hygienisation – prophylaxis that includes oral hygiene instructions, removing calculus deposit, teeth polishing, fluoridation
  • conservative dentistry – prophylaxis, treating teeth decay, teeth varnishing
  • aesthetic dentistry – for example correcting the shape and the colour of the tooth, alive and dead teeth whitening, teeth reconstruction, adhesive fibreglass bridges
  • pediatric dentists – prophylaxis, treating deciduous and permanent teeth decay during development, teeth sealing
  • endodontics (root canal treatment) – single-session treatment
  • reendodontics (root canal re-treatment) – treating both simple and complicated cases using a dental microscope, removal of a broken tool, closing the perforation, cleansing the canal
  • endodontic surgery – root apex resection, hemisection, radectomy, premolarisation
  • dental surgery – teeth removal, surgical removal of teeth, surgical removal exposure of impacted teeth, removal of additional and excess teeth, removal of left behind teeth roots, cyst enucleation, cutting off lesions on a mucous membrane, collecting samples for histopathological analysis, modelling of oral-sinus connections, cutting abscesses, procurement after teeth injuries
  • periodontological surgery – cutting the frenulum of lips, cheeks and tongue, open curettage, gums and bones modelling, cutting off mucous membrane hypertrophy
  • piezosurgery – bone tissue ultrasound surgery used for example for exposure or removal of impacted teeth, for procedures that procede installation of a dental implant
  • preimplantation surgery – bone regeneration using various methods, for example with material based on enamel matrix proteins from pig embryo, obsolescent animal bone with collagen membrane or obsolescent animal bone combined with platelet-rich plasma collected from the patient, sinus-lift (raising of the bottom of the maxillary sinus), cleft of jaw crestal bone or mandibular crestal bone
  • periodontics – treatment of periodontal and mucous membrane diseases using conservative and surgical methods, performing prosthetic restoration
  • prosthetics – crowns, porcelain and zirconia bridges, mobile prostheses: acrylic, acetal, nylon, skeletal, connector bar
  • implantoprosthetics – types of restorations: crown on the dental implant, bridges on dental implants, prosthesis on dental implants
  • implantology – replenishment of the missing teeth using implants
  • orthodontics – treating crowded teeth, defects of teeth, malocclusion and jaw using mobile and fixed dental appliances or Invisalign aligner, preparing patients for orthognathic surgery procedures
  • physical medicine (magnetic field, laser, ozone) – treating the neuralgia of trigeminal nerve, paresthesias and postprocedure hypoaesthesia, muscle contracture, inflammatory and degenerative conditions of temporomandibular joint All of the procedures are carried out by specialist doctors who have clinical experience and have completed numerous courses and trainings.