About us

In 2005 we opened an office located at the Żeromskiego 18 street in Bytom where we conducted first group dental practice. Over the years we decided to expand personnel due to a growing demand for our services and greater time availability for patients to whom we offer the highest level of comprehensive dental care.

Our office’s personnel is a team of experienced professionals who persistently strive to satisfy patients’ individual needs. The team is created by specialists in the field of conservative dentistry and endodontics, dental surgery, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, anesthesiology, intensive therapy and dietetics. We have been cooperating for years with doctors from other offices, for example in the field of endodontics, oral surgery as well as the elimination of sensory disorders in the area of ​​the inferior alveolar nerve or lingual nerve.

We continuously strive to improve our qualifications, for example by publishing articles in professional national and foreign magazines. In addition, we organise courses for doctors in the field of endodontics, dental surgery, as well as controlled bone regeneration.

We work with a sense of mission and the need to help others. We assume that our patients’ satisfaction is our facility’s best showcase. We provide them with comprehensive care while treating their cases. We always try to raise awareness and inform about treatment procedures and possibilities of preventing similar dental problems in the future.

Last year we moved the location of our office in Bytom, which involves the possibility of developing our career plans and creating better availability and convenience in terms of housing for our patients. Our new facility is now located at Witczaka 49/15 street.

More and more often taking care of patient’s dental health requires consultations and diet plan created by a dietician in order to supplement the deficiencies in components in the structure of teeth, gums, mucous membrane or tongue. We are meeting these challenges – as one of the first and few in Poland, we are adding into the range of our services to the possibility of multi-specialized dental treatment combined with dietetics.

We are also providing advice and taking care of patients after radiotherapy in the area of the head and neck who have problems with dry mouth and are looking for methods to stimulate the proper production of saliva.

In our work, we do not forget about the youngest patients. In our facility, we offer consultation and treatment from the neonatal period until the old age. In addition, we have experience in treating disabled people under venous anaesthesia, including children. Numerous certificates and distinctions, which we have been honoured with within recent years, are the confirmation of our competencies.